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Maintenance and cleaning company in Málaga

In addition to the management of the common services of the community, clients will be able to enjoy concierge services managed by us, offering them total comfort and confidence.


Home physiotherapy, car rental, document management for school access request, market shopping, transfer.



Package collection service, cleaning, laundry, welcome packs, home chef, interior design.



Restaurant reservations, excursions, personal trainer, home chef, sports event tickets, car rental.


take care yourself

Medical appointments, home physiotherapy, personal trainer, beauty treatments, yoga.



Document management, insurance, translations, residency procedures, document management for school access request.



Golf course reservations, personal training, tennis club reservations, paddle club reservations, water sports, etc.

The intuitive design of our app offers an optimal user experience for the customer, who will be able to navigate and move through it with ease. The commands and options are divided into simple sections to quickly request what the customer wants.


You, the space,
We, the time

If anything characterizes the work within the real estate development is the integration of different phases of the real estate project, ranging from the selection of space or land, to the house sale, through construction. The work, an extensive process of disparate stages, makes us aware of the care in the details the developer must operate until offering the final product: the house, the space.

The product, sometimes custom-made, and the control of the process from start to finish, are the answers for the customer to opt for a project. However, in an increasingly saturated market with disparate offers, standing out is the way to a safe sale and, with our service – explain below – and the app we have developed, we go beyond to achieve excellence.


Concierge Services + Amenities Management

Concierge service is one of the two pillars of our app. Here, we provide personnel responsible for providing information to the customer 365 days a year, as well as handling day-to-day tasks when the customer requests it. Administrative tasks or those related to leisure, such as car rental, school enrollment, restaurant reservations, medical assistance, residency management, home chef, etc., will be processed by us. The service is undoubtedly attractive to national customers, but in the case of foreign customers, the concierge acts as the necessary 'local friend' for any errands in the area.

Amenities management, on the other hand, allows the customer to manage and control the space and services offered within the urbanization or development, whether it's requesting the repair of a fault, reporting a problem that needs to be addressed, managing reservations for the amenities offered by the development, as well as any services related to the home: cleaning, laundry, parcel services, etc.

Our goal is for the promoter to offer clients more than just acquiring a house to live in, we want to give them a home where to enjoy the comforts that they will have at their fingertips, just a click away.


SERVICIA CAPITAL GESTION DE COMUNIDADES, S.L., has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of information and communication technologies and access to them. Thanks to this, we have carried out projects such as 'Vulnerability Analysis,' 'Technical Security Audit,' 'Email Security,' 'VPN Network,' and 'Antimalware' to improve the competitiveness and productivity of the company. (2023). For this, we have had the support of the Cybersecurity Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Málaga.